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Are you searching for the best games like Huniepop to play and chill out? If yes, then you are in the right place. Huniepop is a tile-matching puzzle game which is loved by lots of people. This game is something like an adult puzzle game which was released in The way of visual presentation in the novel style is a highlight in the Huniepop game. Most of the adults love to play this game and they will spend hours of time simply playing this game.

Top 10 Games Like Huniepop providing Fun to Adults

The game follows Kitty Powers as she launches a new branch of her matchmaking business. The player works as a matchmaker in the game, responsible for finding the perfect match for different characters. Once you find compatible matches you then arrange a date for them and guide them through it, while also playing different mini games in it too.

Apr 29, – What is Huniepop? Released in January of , Huniepop is an adult puzzle dating-sim game. (Not the most common combination.).

HuniePop is a hybrid game created by HuniePot in This game is a blend of tile matching and dating simulation. HuniePop is playable on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Because of the sexual content and themes found in this adult pc game, Twitch. Tv has banned streams of this game on its site. This game is about a man that tries to woo his way through several women in his home town, you can also play as a woman.

One month after the games release, a new ending was added. This new ending gives you more options for your female characters, among other things.

Huniepop Alternatives for Android

There are numerous tile-matching puzzle games available on the web. One of the most popular ones is Huniepop, which is something like an adult puzzle. Developers released it in , and the main idea is dating simulation and tile matching. It became one of the most prominent games for both iOS and Android devices.

Even so, I would like to speak a bit about what has bothered me in HuniePop, as a fan of the genre and someone hoping to see a more fleshed.

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Passion Puzzle – a fascinating free to play dating sim game where you can take a dive into summer love adventure. The story starts when you arrive in a coastal city as a tourist to relax and make some new friends. On your way you meet many lovely girls who seem to be really interested in you. Who will you choose at the end? Sweet and kind Mary, strict Ivy, tameless Ioly, kinky Mika, sophisticated Shantal or kinda naive but still gorgeous Emilia?

Try to win the heart of one or all of them – level up your beauty, sense of humor or intellect by completing easy match 3 tasks. Reach out to each of the girls – choose the right answer in the dialogue and get extra bonuses playing 3 in a row games. Get lost in exciting love games with elements of dating simulator! Reviews Review Policy. Techical update.

Dating Sims Like Huniepop – 10 Games like HuniePop

What are the Best Games like Huniepop to Play in ? Lucky you! You’ve found a genie who’s going to help you find your ‘soulmate’! Date seven cute girls by comboing and chaining puzzle pieces together in this dating sim.

While HuniePop was a big hit, similar adult games failed to give the It is like a puzzle and dating sim with mild RPG sort of feel and a visual.

If you happen to be a normal person, you have probably never touched a dating sim in your life. The genre, while spanning thousands of titles, has rarely made it outside of Japan sans a few off-the-wall entries and the odd Western-made release. HuniePop is the latest dating sim to come from the West, and stands in a sort of an odd spot for me personally.

On one hand, its puzzle gameplay is pretty fun — on the other hand, the rest of the game is disappointingly simple. I have a long history with dating sims and eroges erotic games , having played several English and Japanese titles in both genres since the late ’90s. The Tokimeki Memorial series has a special place in my heart, as do numerous other single-entry games. And while HuniePop stands unique from them all in its own way, it leaves me feeling a bit empty.

I may have chosen a waifu from those presented, but I don’t believe I’ll remember her in a few months’ time. I had a hard enough time remembering her name. Even so, I would like to speak a bit about what has bothered me in HuniePop , as a fan of the genre and someone hoping to see a more fleshed out sequel in the future. I’ll be speaking about the dating sim aspects here, as opposed to the dating and bedroom scenes.

The match 3 segments are fun in their own right and will get no complaints from me.

38 Games Like HuniePop

It is like a riddle and dating sim with gentle RPG kind of feel and a visual narrating kind of introduction. It beyond any doubt is different and typically Japanese. It took the web by its heart when it was launched in While Huniepop was a major hit, comparable grown-up games neglected to give the experience that it gave.

Looking for huniepop-like dating sims. [SOLVED]. Im new to this whole dating sim​/visual novel thing(i know they are not the same) and id like to try some of the.

Have you ever played HuniePop? It is definitely one of the best games for pop-culture fans. HuniePop is a mix of dating sim gate and tile-matching game. Your task is to choose a character and to go out on a date with her. While dating you will be playing a famous tile-matching game. It will be difficult because you will have only a limited amount of time to earn enough points and complete the date.

9 Cool Games like Huniepop for Android & iOS

Games like huniepop : Human beings love playing games. When technology was not discovered, humans used to play different games physically. This trend still continues but, with the advent of technology, the discovery of video games also happened.

Sengoku Rance is another widely recognized dating simulation game like Huniepop. This game revolves around a ruthless and rude strong warrior named Rance.

Catherine is an interesting game that’s part platformer, part puzzle game, and a social simulator. It follows the story of Vincent Brooks, a year-old man trying to escape the challenges in his life and the obligations he feels he’s shackled to — like marrying his long-time girlfriend Katherine, who pushes him to be more decisive. Life gets much harder for Vincent after he has an affair with a free-spirited blonde named Catherine, and he’s plagued with terrible nightmares that are a little too real for comfort.

The game’s characters, mature themes, and unique mixture of gameplay have all contributed to Catherine ‘s popularity. And while, so far, you won’t find a game exactly like it, there are other enjoyable games that share one or two of its themes. HuniePop and Catherine have different tones, HuniePop is much more light-hearted, but it is one of the only other games out there that combines the elements of a puzzle game with the elements of a simulator. In HuniePop players have their choice of 8 and several hidden girls they can date.

Part of gameplay works as any romance simulator does, you pick from a selection of dialogue choices to get the best results from the girl of your choice, and you can give her gifts and take her out on dates to raise your relationship. Dates are where HuniePop differs from other dating sim games, as they’re done using match-3 puzzle games that actually take some strategy to successfully complete.

Catherine and the Persona series are both made by Atlus, so if you enjoyed Catherine ‘s style, any of the Persona games especially 5 would make for a great game to play afterward.

50 Games Like HuniePop for PC Windows

Huniepop is a dating simulation and tile-matching game that was released back in And since then it has become one of the most popular adult puzzle games of all time. But lately, Huniepop seems to have gotten outdated and users have started looking for an alternative. You will find numerous games like Huniepop on the internet, however, if you wish to play only the best dating simulation games like Huniepop that are safe and legal then we got you covered.

In this article, we will show you the top 12 alternatives to Huniepop available on the internet. Roommates is a visual novel game that is very popular in its category making it an easy pick as one of the best Huniepop alternatives.

Huniepop is a dating simulation and tile-matching game that was released back in And since then it has become one of the most popular.

Amy is desperate! Her boyfriend Aaron doesn’t remember her anymore after a car accident! Will you be able to make him remember again? Or perhaps it’s time to move on. Maybe Amy will fall in love with someone else? It’s up to you to decide. Play this life simulation game with dating sim elements and shape Amy’s destiny.

Games like Huniepop

Huniepop is an adult-themed, tile-matching game which was developed by Huniepot in June The dating simulator is a visual novel with puzzle solving features and is compatible with Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS. The bold theme of the game is the reason there are two versions available; a censored and an uncensored version. The game requires the player man or woman to interact with several women.

50 Games Like HuniePop. Puzzle Simulation Games Like HuniePop HuniePop is a rather different adult “dating” simulation game containing some.

Released in January of , Huniepop is an adult puzzle dating-sim game. Not the most common combination. In Huniepop, the player completes different puzzles and goes through different missions to successfully complete dates with female characters. The puzzle gameplay is simple match-three, and you have to pass a certain number of points in a certain number of turns to win. By completing enough dates successfully, players are rewarded with smutty images of the girls, which vary in explicitness based on which version of the game you own.

The version on Steam is censored, but I would still consider it R-rated.